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 25 Mbps Average Speed

 500 GB High-speed Data!

 Ultra-low Ping Rate!

 Game, Stream & More!

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More Data with Shark ISP

With 500 GB* of high-speed data you’ll be able to do all of the things you love to do online like stream TV & movies, play video games, and connect on social media.

Lightning Fast 4G Speeds

SharkISP Internet puts an end to buffering and slow downloads with a national average speed of 25 Mbps! Dial-up, satellite, and slow DSL speeds simply can’t match.

Rural Internet Coverage

Living rural and think satellite, dial-up, or slow DSL are your only options? SharkISP Internet has nationwide 4G LTE availability, and you can even take your service on-the-go!

Tired of Slow Internet?

True 4G LTE Speeds for Rural Customers

Get the Speed You Deserve

With SharkISP internet, there’s no longer any reason for rural customers to miss out on a stellar internet experience. With a national average speed of 25 Mbps and an ultra-low ping rate, gaming, streaming, and browsing online has never been easier or faster for people who live outside of cities or suburbs.

No matter where you live, Shark ISP can deliver the fast 4G speeds you need via local cell towers owned by the nation’s top wireless providers. And, with 500 GB* of data to use for the entire month, you can stream your favorite shows, movies, or music to your heart’s desire without buffering or interruptions.

500 GB of Data and

Pure Transparency

From Us

You want an internet provider you can trust to deliver great service without trying to slip in extra hidden costs. With SharkISP Internet, we believe in honesty and transparency with our customers. When we say $99.99 for 500 GB* of data to use for whatever you like and no hidden costs, we mean it! You don’t even have to sign up for a termed contract – simply give us a try, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. What could be easier than that?

*After 500 GB of data usage your speed will be throttled. Usage over 900 gigabytes will result in account closure for abuse and no refund will be issued.

Whether you are a heavy gamer who needs a low ping rate or you want to be able to stream your favorite shows and movies without buffering or slowdowns, SharkISP has the quality services you want from your internet service provider.

The Only Internet Provider That Goes Where You Do

Forget about the days of using insufficient hotel internet. With SharkISP plug-and-play modem, you can take your internet service with you anywhere that there’s a signal from a 4G LTE partnered tower and a power source for it to plug into. Preparing for the annual family vacation, or looking to spend a weekend on a boat or camping in an RV? No problem – your modem goes where you do!

If you’re not sure how much signal you’ll have at your destination, our friendly team can assist you in finding a signal booster that will give you and your family the connection you need.

Tired of Slow Internet?