SharkISP Nationwide Coverage

SharkISP is proud to be one of the only high-speed internet solutions with nationwide availability! By partnering with some of the nation’s top wireless providers, SharkISP delivers you a true 4G LTE connection straight from those providers’ towers. With a national average speed of 25 Mbps, an ultra-low ping rate, and 500 GB* of free data to use for whatever you like, SharkISP is changing the internet provider game.

  • Our 4G home internet solution is available nationwide!
  • National Average Speed of 25 Mbps!
  • 500 GB* of high-speed LTE data!

Tired of Slow Internet?

Stellar Coverage Even in Gap Areas

Even if you live outside the range of SharkISP’s partnered towers, there are still ways that you can receive the true 4G LTE speeds you desire! By pairing your service with the right signal-boosting equipment, you can enjoy the reliability and speed of SharkISP.

How A Signal Booster Will Work For You

To use SharkISP’s service, you’ll need something called a cell phone booster. This device acts as an amplification tool between your plug-and-play modem and our nearest partnered tower.

Step #1. OUTDOOR ANTENNA – The outdoor antenna receives, amplifies, and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers.

Step 2. – MODEM – The modem receives the 4G signal. You can now connect a device directly to the modem or connect your Wi-Fi router.

Step 3. – WIFI ROUTER – The Wi-Fi router makes your 4G Internet connection available to wireless connected devices in your home like tablets, computers, and phones.