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What is Shark ISP

SharkISP is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers high-speed internet connectivity through a true 4G LTE network. Our goal is to deliver top speeds and quality to customers located in even the most remote areas who still want to be able to enjoy a reliable internet connection.

How is Shark ISP different?

SharkISP partners with the nation’s top wireless providers to give you true 4G LTE speeds straight from these providers’ towers – the same towers that give you 4G on your smartphones. Therefore, you can get Wahoo internet anywhere there is a partnered tower within range.

How Does Shark ISP Work?

SharkISP delivers your connection via the existing infrastructure built and maintained by our wireless partners. We use the underutilized space on our partnered 4G LTE towers to bring high-speed 4G internet to our customers in both rural and highly-populated areas.

Can I Game with Shark ISP?

Yes! Unlike the speed and data restrictions you’ll run into with satellite services, SharkISP offers a national average speed of 25 Mbps and an ultra-low ping rate, making it perfect for heavy online gamers.

How Much Does Shark ISP Cost?

SharkISP 4G LTE internet plan is just $99.99/month – nearly 2x less expensive than what you’d get with other MVNOs.

What Speed Will I Get?

Though your speed may vary depending on your location, the national average is 25 Mbps, which is excellent for browsing, gaming, and streaming. With a full-strength signal, you could see speeds even higher!

Can I Stream Videos Using SharkISP?

Yes! With SharkISP’s  speeds, you can stream movies and TV shows without having to deal with buffering or slowdowns.

What if there no towers available?

Just because you live outside the range of a tower, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still ways to get service from SharkISP! A signal booster can help catch a signal from a tower 20 miles away, making it a great solution for receiving high speeds even in the most rural of areas.

Note: Before signing up, check with our Shark ISP team to make sure you’re well within the range of a partnered tower.

Where do I get a signal booster?

Though SharkISP itself does not sell signal boosters, we will happily walk you through where to buy one that works for your needs. You can also contact our partners at Repeater Store and check out their display of 4G LTE boosting devices.

Can I connect my devices directly to the tower?

Though there are ways to connect directly to a tower, it’s only possible if you are a customer of that provider and use their specific plan. Otherwise, you can connect your devices through the WiFi router that we will provide to you.

Will I get lower data priority than the partner’s users?

With SharkISP internet, you have the same rights to use the tower nearest you as other cell coverage users. As long as you are well within your limit of the 500 GB of high-speed data allotted to you, you will never have to fret about being deprioritized or bumped down on the priority list compared to other users.